New Dismissal for First through Fifth Grade Students


We would like to thank everyone for hanging in there with us as we jump into our dismissal changes for pick-up students. Both the Primary School and the Intermediate School have begun making changes to our pick-up procedures. The changes are to better ensure the safety of the children. As we move forward, these are the main changes you need to know:
• Designated Pick-Up People will no longer enter the building through the Gymnasium/Cafeteria entrance. Those doors will remain locked as they are throughout the day.
• People who are picking up First and Second Graders will go to the porch area outside of the Primary's entrance. Kindergarten students will be released at their classroom doors.

• People who are picking up Intermediate only students will go to the porch area outside of the Intermediate's entrance.
• Intermediate students who have a Primary-aged sibling, will be sent to the Primary building for dismissal. However, please be sure to notify the Intermediate building, if you have not already done so.
• Students who are pick-ups MUST HAVE a note on file. We have forms available or you may write your own. Please request one through the office or at dismissal, if you are in need of a form. Students who do not have a note on file will not automatically be released to the pick-up areas.

• We will no longer utilize the sign-out sheets. Only students with pick-up notes on file will be automatically released for pick up.
• Parents are discouraged from showing up to either school without advanced notification. Parents are asked to write a note or call the office ahead of time to notify us of a change to dismissal plans. Not providing advanced notice will delay your child's dismissal.
• Once the students are released from their classrooms, they will not be released to exit the building until the dismissal monitors identify the students' designated pick-up person. (Students will not have permission to walk out of the building until released by the monitors.

Again, this step is for the safety of the children.) If you have any questions, please feel free to contact either office. Your patience as we transition to a new dismissal procedure is greatly appreciated.

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