New Email(office365) Transition Update(6/27/2013)

Staff if you are having issues accessing your email since the switch over please check out the information listed below. 

1. Make sure you are using your full email address as your username(example This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )
2. Your password will be the same as it was for our previous email and is also the same as it is for computer and Infinite Campus access.
3. If you feel you have forgotten your password or that is has expired please contact the technology department at 740-992-7843.
4. If you are using the correct username and password you will also need to make sure you are updated to at least internet explorer 8 for windows xp
     Click to check browser version
     Download Internet Explorer 8 or later

5. If you are updated to the latest browser and are still having problem please try clearing your cookies and temporary internet files
     How to clear cookies
     How to clear temporary internet files

We have noticed that people with other Microsoft accounts are having this issue(if you have an email account through a colleges or university there is a good chance that they may also use office365 or a previous version of office365). If you have told your browser to use the “remember me” option below the username and password field you will notice that when you click on the email link from Microsoft’s home page you will get automatically redirected to another website. If this is happening you can try a couple things.

Before the webpage gets redirected you can click on the cancel button below the username and password field. Then use your meigs credentials to login. If you can’t seem to find that “cancel” button then you can try clearing your cookies and temporary internet files.


Email transition "welcome to office 365"6/14/2013

Beginning in the next few days you will notice that the interface(the look and feel) of our email will change. This is due to a transition of our email from being in-house to going in the “cloud.” For more information on the “cloud” refer to the following video, “Microsoft Office 365 Introduction and the cloud.” All of your email, contacts, and calendar information that is stored in our current email system will be migrated to the office 365 platform. There will be a slight addition to your username to gain access to office 365. You username will now be your This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This is the same as your full email address. Your password will still be the same as it is for current email, computer, infinite campus, atomic learning, and moodle access.

A few highlights of office 365 features and benefits

Email 25GB mailbox size(you currently only have 500MB) 50 times more email storage space
Email 25MB attachement sizes(you currently only have 10MB)you can send larger files
Skydrive Pro
7 GB of personal storage that syncs with their PC for offline access.
Easily share documents with others through Office or SharePoint.
Lync(share your screen with other staff members or send and IM instead of using a telephone)
Office Web Apps Create and edit2 Word, OneNote, PowerPoint, and Excel documents from any modern browser..
Team Sites Work together on projects, in study groups, or in clubs with team sites that help keep related documents, notes, tasks, and conversations organized together. Up to 300 subsites.

Below are a few videos that provide more of an overview of the Office 365 product

  1. Video: Welcome to Office 365. Learn about what's included in Office 365.
  2. Video: Use email and more in Office 365. Use Outlook and Outlook Web App for email, calendars, and more.
  3. Video: Use Office and Office Web Apps in Office 365. Use Office and Office Web Apps with Office 365 to improve productivity.
  4. Video: Share documents in Office 365. Share documents in Office 365 using SharePoint Team Sites and SkyDrive Pro.
  5. Video: Communicate with Lync in Office 365. Use Lync to IM, view presence information, and set up or attend online meetings.