Information on Public School Choice and Supplemental Education Services for No Child Left Behind

Meigs Primary, Meigs Intermediate, and Meigs Middle Schools have been identified as in need of improvement.  School Improvement means these schools did not meet Ohio’s goals in reading, mathematics or attendance for two years in a row or more.  The students at Meigs Middle School did not meet the seventh grade Reading goal in the subgroups of economically disadvantaged, students with disabilities, white and all students. The Middle School also did not meet the Math goal in grade six and eight for subgroups economically disadvantaged, students with disabilities, white and all students.  At Meigs Intermediate School, students did not meet the goals in Reading and Math in the subgroups of all students, economically disadvantaged, students with disabilities, and white for grades four and five. Meigs Primary School is in school improvement because they are a feeder school for Meigs Intermediate School and thus share the same students over time.

As a district, we are committed to ensuring that all children reach proficient levels of achievement. The schools in Meigs Local compare favorably in terms of student achievement with other schools in other districts in our area.  However, the school is required to offer you the opportunity to transfer your student to a higher performing public school in the same district or a nearby district.  In Meigs Local, educational choices are limited due to our geographic location and the fact that we have only one school building for each grade level.  The district has approached other districts to create a cooperative agreement for transferring students.  But at this point, no other districts within a reasonable distance have entered into such an agreement.

However, your child may qualify for free tutoring under the No Child Left Behind Act, if your family meets the income limits under law.  The tutoring program will be limited to available funding and contingent upon your registration.  You are welcome to choose your child’s program or request the district’s aide in selecting an appropriate program.   The list of providers may be found at the following web address:

Although there are no available school choice options we can provide at this time, we are taking multiple steps to ensure that all of our students continue to improve and succeed academically, such as:  Title 1 reading and math intervention, extensive data review and action planning, additional group support for students during and after the regular school day, implementation of a focused district improvement plan, and professional development for teachers to expand upon their knowledge of instructional strategies.  We will be working with the Ohio Department of Education State Support Team to revise our programming to improve academic achievement.  Your input into our progress is needed and we look forward to working with you to improve our schools.

How can you become involved in helping us address our academic challenges?  Parents assist by working with their students on school homework, attending parent teacher conferences, reading quarterly newsletters and making sure their children attend school daily.  Also, we invite you to participate in the numerous in-school collaborative opportunities publicized in our quarterly newsletter or district website.