The Ohio Graduation Test

The OGT has replaced the Ninth Grade Proficiency Tests. Students will take the OGT during the months of October and March in the following areas: reading, science, math, social studies, and writing.

The tests will include:

•Several multiple choice questions

•A few short answer questions - which may take  several sentences to answer

•One or more extended response questions - which may take one or more paragraphs to answer


The OGT covers material learned through 10th grade as outlined in Ohio's new academic content standards.   Scores on these are important to each school district.   Students will receive the test results, and the school district results will be published.

Full Length OGT Practice Tests can be found by clicking here.

Visit the Ohio Department of Education Web Site at: to find additional information about the OGT and examples of past tests, as well as the other interesting articles pertaining to your child's education.

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