SLO Timeline

Present- Sept. 29 Gather and review available student data.

  • Finalize current student demographics.
  • Develop and administer a pre-assessment for the     scoring template.
  • Set growth targets based on baseline data.

Sept. 30 Completed SLOs must be submitted to the Building SLO Committee for approval no later than this date.

Oct. 31 The SLO Committee shall review all submitted SLOs by this date.  Any SLO that is rejected by the SLO Committee shall be returned to the teacher with specific deficiencies identified. 

Nov. 15 The resubmission of the SLO by the teacher to the SLO Committee shall occur by this date. 

Jan. 15 All SLOs must be approved by this date. 

March-April Teachers shall develop and administer the post assessment to determine student growth as defined in the approvedSGM by a date determined by the SLO committee and the building administration. 

April 15 Teachers must submit all SGM results to his/her evaluator by this date. 

April 30 Evaluators must conduct a final meeting with individual teachers to discuss SGM scores no later than this date.